About Us
We are a professional Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching Company who are here to help you achieve your highest expectations.

Goode Therapy is conveniently located in Fareham, Hampshire to serve the large surrounding area.

Ashley & Lisa Goode are trained professionals here to listen to your needs and work with you to achieve them.

What drives us
Goode Therapy recognise that some people would like to better themselves and achieve their highest ambitions. We are here, and together with your input, can help you become what you aspire to be, quickly, professionally and easily.

Whatever your needs, for children or adults, Goode Therapy is here to help you. So, whether it is something bothering your child, giving up smoking, becoming more confident, overcoming a fear of something like spiders or flying, weight management, pain management or you just need some coaching to help your aspirations, we can help you in your journey. If you have a requirement and would like the assurance and confidence that we can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch - so... what's stopping you? 

Goode Therapy...  Can change your mind...

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